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Here I would like to present all the exciting things that I have done or learned during the years that I have been a trombone player and trombone instructor and I am so happy to be sharing them with everyone. But first and foremost, I would like to stress two basic principals that guide me through my musical life and that are too important for me to disregard:

  1. Professionalism and musicality above all other factors. These values are with the utmost priority to me, I never neglect them, not even for a second, not myself nor with the other musicians around me (professionals and students alike). I demand always 100% effort and listening in order for the music to be amazing and the progress (with students) will be remarkable.

  2. I am fun to  work with. It is imperative to me that anybody that had worked with me once, will call back for more and that is because I value a lot the experience itself of working. I take great care that people around me, colleagues, clients and students will have a good experience with me. Amongst other ways, I do it through carefully observing the musical materials I choose, the respectful way I communicate in and prearranging the sessions. It is important to me to be available and attentive for all the needs of the people I work with and prepare everything beforehand.


So, after having stated the main principles that guide me through my musical life, I would love meeting you at a private concert, lesson, clinic or a lecture and of course redirect you for downloading the wonderful albums I had the pleasure of producing, writing and recording.

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Trombone lessons


Musical arrangements


Master classes


Trombone lessons.

With over 15 years experience in teaching trombone and quite a few students that I’ve taught, I teach the skill of playing and the theoretical material in a calm and experience oriented way. I give personal attention and focus on the student’s needs and create effective study methods for each and every student. My vast knowledge and close intimate acquaintance with all the aspects of trombone playing (be it playing a solo concert, participation in band, improvising or just practicing at home) made me also familiar with the emotional state of mind of the students and I am able to create practice methods that will help them progress fast and reach their goals.


Skype lessons

For those who are far away and cannot reach my studio in Tel Aviv, there is a possibility of learning via Skype. My experience shows that these lessons are valuable as I a am able to watch the student’s progress and observe him play and give him the right advise on how to progress. Skype enables me to observe important aspects of the student’s playing (posture, grip, tension, air stream and more) and to analyze effectively the student’s playing.


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The concerts are the core of my musical activity and I love giving concerts. I have a lot of experience playing in all kinds of situations from the Montreal Jazz Festival, through street concerts, weddings, lectured concerts or home concerts in front of a select few.

The performing, preparation and musicality of the concert is at the highest level possible, without compromise. Furthermore, I take great care in making personal contact with the audience and go through an exciting experience with them.


House concerts

Having a small gathering? Want to do something special but don’t want to invite too many people? You can enjoy an intimate, unofficial exciting house concert. I am always happy to meet the audience at home. These concerts are characterized by informal atmosphere, lots of laughs and you can ask all the questions you ever had and get the answers you never thought you’d get. All of the backstage stories at your place. You are most welcome to call me and check about a concert at your place.


Celebrations, weddings and parties

I have a lot of experience in these kinds of events, I’ve played in many weddings, dance parties, company celebrations, on a boat, in the desert, with small groups or large bands, with or without amplification, while marching, while standing and once even suspended on a chair in mid-air, hung from a crane that elevated me during the concert. 

I have a few principals that guide me when I am invited to play in these events:

  1. Peace of mind for my clients. What does it mean? It means that we agree on everything beforehand and we put it on writing. It also means that I make sure my clients have their minds free to deal with other things on the day of the event, whether it is a young couple the day of their wedding, or a producer with a big production. They can be sure that we’ll be on time and have our plan written down and executed as agreed. In three words: Peace of mind.

  2. Excellent music. I play what I know and I know what I play, and I also know the people I play with. I am very prudent in the musical field, I don’t play things that might sound bad, I don’t do attempts on stage, and any special request is rehearsed beforehand so it would sound great. 

  3. I put everything in writing, so there are no surprises and improvisations (except in jazz solos), on the day of the event. Everything is checked, prepared and coordinated, the players, the time, the parking, what is possible and what’s impossible.

By following these three principals, I know that I am giving the best service possible, AND playing the best music AND I manage to enjoy while doing all that. This is a Win-Win situation.


Music festivals (and other festivals)

These, I really like and in these events my bands have important advantages.

A lot of the bands I participate in or lead are bands that can play acoustic (e.g. no amplification at all) while standing and/or marching and maintain the highest level of performance.

Through a warm authentic sound, and unmediated and professional stage presence and high level music playing, my bands make the crowd get carried away with the music and go through an unforgettable experience.

The unmediated feedback from the audience, during the festival’s performance, whether it is a child smiling to the sounds of horns improvising, or an elderly woman remembering the music of her childhood, or a handshake from a young couple telling us that we’ve made their day is a proof that we are doing something right.

Musical directors are welcome to contact me and learn about my concerts that give them a unique, authentic and personal performance alongside complete lack of compromise on the musical side with a rich experience in performing.

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