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I want to share with you an important moment in my life, a moment that changed everything:
It was sometime in the summer of  2001, I was in my early 20's and I was living in Paris, France. I worked as a waiter in a small restaurant in the 17th arrondissement. We served mainly lunch.

One morning, at 10am, an unusual hour for us, a client drops in and asks for an espresso. I serve him what he wants and he notices my accent (an Israeli in Paris...). After I tell him where I come from, he starts counting the times he'd been to Israel and it turns that he is a journalist photographer, So he's been there whenever there was trouble. We are having a great conversation and then he tells me this:
"I am now two years after my retirement but I keep working, I like it. You know, (he continues) we spend so much time at work that if we do something we don't love, it is like we are not living".

And then I realized that I must take the path to music. I love it so much, it fills my soul in such a marvelous way that I can't imagine living my life doing anything else.

Here is the rest of the stuff:

When I play, I always aim for it to mean something, as the great trombonist, J.J. Johnson has instructed once. I just care too much for the music to just let it be without meaning. My journey takes me always deeper and deeper into the origins of jazz, of music, of sound and I strive to let all this be heard through my playing and my compositions.
My main influences are Conrad Herwig III, Curtis Fuller, The Jazz Messengers, James Brown and Pink Floyd.
I like to think of my style as a mix of all these great influences.

Some of my achievements are:
Releasing two jazz albums as a bandleader, the second of which- Israeli N.O.F. was completely financed through crowd funding. The first one "Alligatorim" has received substantial funding from the ministry of culture of Israel.
Touring Europe and North America and China with various bands and participating, amongst others in the following festivals: Montreal Jazz Festival, Rijeka Jazz Festival, Red Sea Jazz Festival, Tel Aviv Jazz Festival, Berlin Jewish music festival, Jerusalem “Israel” festival and many more.
I played with jazz legends such as Topsy Champan, Catherine Russel, Frank London and with local greats like: Mika Karni, Korin Allal, Jermy Kaplan, Iris Portugaly, Shlomo Gronich, Hannan Yovel, Nachum Peferkovich, Boris Gammer, and more.

These days, apart from working on my next project, I lead The New Orleans Function Jazz Band, I play at the Tel Aviv Cameri Theatre and I am a trombone instructor at the (prestigious) Givataim Conservatory.

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